"Worming wheels" and rotational deworming are a thing of the past. Your horse's de-worming schedule is as unique as they are. Do NOT rely on manufactured schedules that promote overuse of product. Reputable animal health companies no longer support the use of wheels for set treatment timing thank goodness! Worm-Ed has helped hundreds of clients use significantly LESS chemical whilst keeping our precious horses fully protected from worm related disease. This is achieved by identifying their individual needs.  It is up to us to make wise decisions that will protect the efficacy of de-wormers into the future. The use (or misuse) of de-wormers is becoming a serious animal welfare issue. If our products are to continue to protect future generations of superstars like these beautiful foals, do your bit and contact us today.

Some of the gorgeous foals on our "Baby Worm-Ed Programme".  Owned, bred and photographed by Anne Stewart, Ohuatahi Warmbloods.