Take The Guess Work Out Of Parasite Management

No more hit and miss worming or blanket treating the farm. Take a look below!

Worm-Ed takes the guess work out of parasite management for busy horse owners. We provide targeted programmes for your farm to optimise your horse health and protect your horses from the hidden danger of worm disease.

No more hit and miss worming or blanket treating the farm. When your individual horses are due their treatments product arrives in the mail!

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Let’s get to the bottom of this wriggly problem…

  • Our faecal egg counts (FEC) are up to 20 times more sensitive than your standard FEC thanks to the powerful Parasight System
  • Up to 70% of equine properties in NZ now experience drench resistance
  • 50% of horses are classed as low shedders and as such require only 2 treatments per year
  • 30% are classed as moderate, requiring 3 treatments per year
  • 20% fall into the high category, requiring 4 treatments per year

What Our Clients Are Saying

No More Worry or Stress

The Worm-Ed programme is great. It takes the worry and stress out of worming your horses. I have normally around 20 horses on my farm to look after and a very hectic work schedule. The worming of the horses was always a little "hit and miss" until Worm-Ed came along. It takes all the guess work out of the equation and has heightened my interest in a correct and tailored worming programme. Thanks Holly!

Jody Hartstone - Hartstone Equestrian

No More Worry or Stress

Safe way of Managing Horses

We have used the Worm-Ed programme as a safe way of managing a large variety of horses from foals to show jumpers that all require a different form of treatment. I needed a reliable plan that was easy to follow, more cost effective than buying off the shelf and took the guess work out of our parasite management.

Dani Maurer - Maurer Equestrian

Safe way of Managing Horses

Cost Effective & Educational

Worm-Ed has been such a great program to be a part of over the last 12 months.  Worm-Ed is incredibly cost-effective compared to the worming schedule I used to use and it's been great knowing that our little farm is doing its part to reduce worm resistance to wormers. I have also found this programme highly educational when it comes to how I should be managing my paddocks for worm control. Holly has been fabulous in answering and explaining any queries I've had about my horses' management and I look forward to continuing to work with her to keep them feeling their best."

Emily King - King Equine Osteopathy

Cost Effective & Educational

Guessing About How To Worm?

Take away the hassle and stress of a blanket treatment.

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