Are you squirming in confusion?

Here’s the wriggly truth:

We’re the only clinic in New Zealand to use the amazing and powerful Parasight System, which is the go-to for accurate FEC with the big players already – the US, the UK, and Australia.

It’s up to 20 x more powerful than standard laboratory FEC methods at indicating the presence of dangerous strongyles, and picks up ascarids/roundworms in foals so you can start your young horse’s deworming strategy effectively and safely.

Our FEC is not just an egg count. It actually allows us to spotlight your horse’s genetic type in terms of their natural ability to fight off worms. And we even tell you when your horse is in their optimum period to test – yes, timing is everything!

We know you know FEC don’t pick up tapeworm, bots, or pinworms BUT did you know there’s little to no resistance to these, meaning your horse can be successfully treated with our tailored treatment recommendations. On our programme, we recommend when and what – again, no guesswork for you.

Get a wriggle on

You’ll get all these juicy morsels when you join Worm-Ed:

  • Access-all-areas members’ info, advice and expert help from Holly herself via your personal online login
  • Yearly reminder at the OPTIMUM time your horse is due his FEC (determined by Holly so no guesswork for you) AND a testing kit sent straight to your door
  • The most accurate FEC in NZ followed by a detailed report of your results PLUS an individual recommendation of any further treatments needed
  • Big discounts on any necessary deworming products as supplied by us so you can continue to save money
  • Peace of mind and relief that your horse’s health and wellbeing is taken care of for another year

Online Farm Consultancy

Starts with a free, no-obligation discovery call. Find out how Holly can help you control the parasitic burden of your land while keeping your pastures in tip-top condition and reducing the acceleration of drench resistance.

Invaluable for places with multiple grazing horses and works seamlessly with Worm-Ed subscriptions so each horse also has their individual deworming programme.

Drench Audit

Through science-based faecal egg count reduction trials (FECRT) Holly can test to see if the active ingredient of a product(s) is failing on your farm.

Essential to know so you can avoid putting unnecessary and useless chemicals into your horse and on to your pastures.


Holly is available for exclusive talks all over the country, and if you join up to a Worm-Ed subscription on the day, your ticket is redeemable. A free talk, and a science-based, accurate worming strategy backed by the best in the business, how good is that?

What Our Clients Are Saying

No More Worry or Stress

The Worm-Ed programme is great. It takes the worry and stress out of worming your horses. I have normally around 20 horses on my farm to look after and a very hectic work schedule. The worming of the horses was always a little "hit and miss" until Worm-Ed came along. It takes all the guess work out of the equation and has heightened my interest in a correct and tailored worming programme. Thanks Holly!

Jody Hartstone - Hartstone Equestrian

No More Worry or Stress

Safe way of Managing Horses

We have used the Worm-Ed programme as a safe way of managing a large variety of horses from foals to show jumpers that all require a different form of treatment. I needed a reliable plan that was easy to follow, more cost effective than buying off the shelf and took the guess work out of our parasite management.

Dani Maurer - Maurer Equestrian

Safe way of Managing Horses

Cost Effective & Educational

Worm-Ed has been such a great program to be a part of over the last 12 months.  Worm-Ed is incredibly cost-effective compared to the worming schedule I used to use and it's been great knowing that our little farm is doing its part to reduce worm resistance to wormers. I have also found this programme highly educational when it comes to how I should be managing my paddocks for worm control. Holly has been fabulous in answering and explaining any queries I've had about my horses' management and I look forward to continuing to work with her to keep them feeling their best."

Emily King - King Equine Osteopathy

Cost Effective & Educational

Guessing About Who To Worm?

Take away the hassle and stress of a blanket treatment.

Get in touch with us today to book a test and we’ll get you on top of your worming treatments.